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Created in Cambodia by Dominique Eluere at the end of the last century, Citadel's High End Knives and Swords are hand-made by master artisans in Cambodia. They combine modern materials with old school hand craftsmanship and traditional techniques to make a superior blade.


Many of Citadel's fans were introduced to them through their exceptional samurai swords, only to find later their devotion to high quality knives. There is a lot of crossover in the traditions as well, evidenced by the unique ray skin covered knife scales and traditional Japanese method of differentially hardened blades.


With a few exceptions Citadel uses Bohler's high carbon N690Co stainless steel for their folding knives. This high-end steel combined with a variety of premium scale materials (Bone, Horn, Rosewood, Palisander -- even Rayskin!) makes for an exceptional knife.




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