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If you're reading this, then you're probably curious about how this store came about and who's behind it. To answer that, let me tell you the following story:

My name is Michael and I like knives – all kinds of knives: Hunting knives, Skinner knives, Bowie knives and Tantos; Trapper knives, Barlow knives, Automatic knives and Flippers - even boxcutters. I like knives.

There's something about the dichotomy of a knife that appeals to me. No other simple tool is so graceful in form, yet so fierce in function. And to me, the most graceful knife of all is the Damascus steel knife. It's the perfect example of this dichotomy and of the knife maker's skill. It's artistry with an edge.

You're curious about Damascus steel knives? I was too. This store evolved from that curiosity. Let me explain.

A year ago, my wife and I took a trip to Spain. We visited the historic cities and the famous monuments; the castles and the museums with their Medieval weapons and armor. We soaked up the Spanish culture, took a lot of photos, and brought home some lasting memories.

Always, when traveling to a different country, I look for a knife made in that country. In Spain, the place to go to start the search is the "cuchilleria", or knife shop.

Once we landed in Granada, home of the magnificent Alhambra, I went scouting for my souvenir knife and found it in a shop in the Arab bazaar. It was a polished steel Muela folder. A few euros later, it was safely tucked away in my knapsack along with a nice leather sheath.

Continuing to browse the knives in the shop, I noticed an unusual fixed blade hunting knife, also a Muela, in a wooden presentation case. What made it so unusual was the distinctive patterning on the blade. It was beautiful. The shop owner saw my interest and obliged me to take a closer look.

It was a Damascus steel knife. It felt good in my hands. The balance and the design were perfect complements to each other. The patterns on the blade, the shop owner explained, weren't random, but created by the knife maker's skill. I had seen pictures of Damascus steel knives in magazines, but not until handling it up close could I fully appreciate the craftmanship that goes into making one.

Returning home from the trip, I couldn't stop thinking about the Damascus steel knife I'd seen in Spain. Maybe I could find a similar one here? Online searches for fixed blade Damascus steel knives yielded hundreds of images from production skinners to custom made Bowies, whetting my appetite even more. Being a modern day consumer, I felt I needed to do a little research into the 1700 year-old origins of crucible Damascus steel to give myself an appreciation for the unique properties of this legendary metal. After much reading about the modern day method of forging Damascus steel by pattern welding I better understood the labor-of-love that goes into making one of these beautiful knives. The logical next step was to find a store here at home that carried these distinctive blades so I could do a little hands-on browsing.

On a Saturday outing a few weeks later, I found that store. Talking to the guy behind the counter about these knives, he pulled out several from his display case and urged me to take a closer look. After turning a particularly nice one over in my hands and examining the workmanship, I was hooked. Not only hooked on buying a Damascus steel knife, but hooked on the idea of selling them in a store of my own.

Since that weekend outing, I've learned a lot more about Damascus steel knives. I've bought a couple of beauties for my collection: a fixed blade and a folder, and I've put the wheels in motion to do something that I've wanted to do for a long time: open an online store.

DAMASCUS STEEL KNIFE HUB is the result of my fascination with Damascus steel knives and my long-time interest in ecommerce. I hope you enjoy exploring the site as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I hope you find a knife or accessory here that appeals to you and you'd like to purchase. I stand behind the merchandise I sell. All of the knives here have my satisfaction guarantee* and shipping is FREE!*

Take your time and look around. I feel confident you'll find Damascus steel knives as irresistible as I did.

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