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    Known the world over for high-quality cutlery, German engineered, satisfying every interest and economy, Boker knives has been at the forefront of innovation in cutting tools for a very long time.  Founded in 1869 by Heinrich Boeker in the blade-city of Solingen, Germany, Heinr. Boeker & Company established itself as the German arm of the family cutlery business concentrating on the manufacture of scissors, razors and pocketknives.  The venerable tree-brand logo was derived from a large Chestnut tree that overshadowed the small Boker hardware factory in Remscheid, Germany in the 17th century. The company we know today as Boker Knives has earned a sterling reputation for quality over the years and established a strong presence not only in Germany, but in North America and South America as well. 


The long history of Boker has been shaped by the events of World War II and characterized by numerous corporate upheavals, but two things remained a constant: their commitment to cutting-edge design and the precision manufacture of exceptional quality knives. In the present day, Boker knives run the gamut from 320-layer Damascus steel to modern ceramics.  Their blades are adorned with handles ranging from high-quality mother-of-pearl to Thuya root wood and state-of-the-art synthetics.

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