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Founded by John Moses Browning in 1878 to market his sporting goods designs, the Browning name over the succeeding years has become synonymous with premium quality firearms.  Since 1968, this brand notoriety has fit comfortably with the excellent line of outdoor and tactical knives manufactured by Browning as well.


Working in collaboration with custom knifemakers from the very beginning, Browning has developed several commemorative knives over the years that have been well received by the knife buying public. Currently, Browning is partnered with Russ Kommer, a custom knifemaker and Big-Game hunter, for the design of their outdoor knives and, with the help of edged-weapons instructor Jared Wihongi, the design of their situation-critical tactical knives, the Black Label series.


For the discriminating collectors among us, Browning offers a handsome Damascus line: the Storm Front series.  Forged in the USA and Japan respectively, this series showcases beautiful 200 layer high-carbon Damascus steel fixed blade field knives and 71 layer stainless steel Gentleman's folders, fine enough for the display case, but fit enough for the field.

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