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Hen & Rooster

The Hen & Rooster brand has a long and colorful history.  Founded in 1845 in Solingen, Germany by Carl Bertram, a well-known poultry business owner, the cutlery was, from the beginning, hand-made. Because of his association with chickens the idea was born in 1865 to name his new cutlery manufacturing venture Hen & Rooster.  In the early days, more than 200 hand operations went into the creation of these superor cutters.


In the years that followed, the company continued to manufacture fine cutlery under the leadership of Mr. Bertram and several family members.  By the late 1960's and early 1970's, Hen & Rooster was manufacturing knives under contract to several other companies.  Hen & Rooster was sold to A.G. Russell in 1975 and some of the highest quality knives were produced during that time.  In 1980, the factory in Solingen, Germany was closed and the firm was liquidated in 1983.


Today, the Hen & Rooster name and operations are owned by Mr. James Frost of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The tradition of excellence continues under Mr. Frost's tutelage.



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