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JS Leatherworks

JS Leatherworks

jsleather.jpeg Like so many small businesses, JS Leatherworks evolved from a longtime hobby into a profitable one-man enterprise. Founded in 2012, it's roots go much deeper. James Medrano has been crafting leather since the 1990's. Prompted by a friend, he started showing his custom made sheaths on EBAY in 2011. They were an instant success. A presence on ETSY soon followed. In 2012, James launched his website, JSLeatherworks.com, and has been busy with his leatherworking venture ever since.


All sheaths made by JS Leatherworks are hand cut, dyed, glued, sanded, and stitched in his home in Laredo, Texas. There is no shop, only a kitchen table and a 1950's Singer 29/71, boot patcher sewing machine with a hand crank. All leather and hardware is bought in San Antonio, Texas. The materials used and the custom sheaths that result are all proudly made in the USA. James Medrano, an 11th generation Texan, wouldn't have it any other way.


JS Leatherworks sheaths have been featured nationally on The Weather Channel (Fat Guys in the Woods), hosted by Creek Stewart, (Season 2, Episode 1).

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