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Kanetsune Damascus knives are forged in Seki City, Japan, the City of Blades, by the skilled craftsmen of Kitasho Company Limited. Founded in 1948, their mission is, and has been, to provide high quality blades that are easy to use. Faithfully carrying on the 800 year tradition of fine bladesmithing that Seki City is known for, the company has given their knives the name Kanetsune, in honor of a master swordsmith of centuries past.

Most of Kanetsune brand outdoor knives are made from Japanese premium high carbon steel produced by Hitachi Metals Ltd in Japan. The company is one of the top manufacturers of high-grade metal and is also well known for its "Yasuki Hagane" (Yasuki Special Steel) manufactured for the cutlery industries. Yasuki Hagane is produced in their plant in Shimane prefecture in Japan, where high quality iron sand for making traditional Japanese swords has been mined since ancient times.

There are three main high carbon steels that are used for making Kanetsune field knives.

  • White Steel, called "Shirogami" in Japanese, is a refined carbon steel comprised of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous and sulphur.
  • Blue Steel, called "Aogami" in Japanese, is made from adding chromium and tungsten to White steel making the material tougher and capable of holding a sharp edge longer.
  • Super Blue Steel, called "Aogami Super" in Japanese, is the highest grade steel used in the product line. Containing higher percentages of carbon, chromium and tungsten, this premium steel is capable of increased hardness, improved edge retention and better corrosion resistance.

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