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Kizer is a relatively new brand in the industry, but has the savvy and experience of a veteran. With a seasoned workforce and a 10 year history of producing knives in China, the company has made great strides in the manufacture of world-class cutters. Kizer was founded in 2012 in Guangdong, China by C. K. Zhou, and is committed to the cutting-edge design and precision manufacture of professional grade knives.

Unlike some other manufacturers, Kizer employs CNC milling machines and EDM cutting tools to shape and fabricate components, resulting in expertly crafted, top grade folding knives that are rock-solid and beautiful.

Kizer imports the materials it uses in the manufacturing process from the USA and Japan. Many of the models in its line utilize Crucible Industries CPM S35VN stainless blade steel, a high grade steel used in the finest custom knives. Through a collaboration with Takefu Special Steel Co., LTD. of Japan, it obtains high quality VG-10 core Clad steel for its handsome Damascus line in addition to VG-10 original blade steel for several of its single steel cutters.

Each finished knife arrives at that point entirely by hand.  The fit, the finish, the action, and the sharpness is a product of the skills perfected by generations of master cutlers.

Kizer is making its presence known in all parts of the world with very high quality cutting tools, constructed of the best materials and offering great value for the knife enthusiast.

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