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This is the page where you will find hyperlinks to related websites.  I've been given permission by the owners or principals of these sites to use material that I found useful and informative in building my store.  I owe these good folks a debt of gratitude.  I urge you to take a look at what they have to offer and to take a few moments to read what they have to say.


BladeReviews.com - Dan Policastro's entertaining, in-depth reviews of all manner of knives, from Gentlemen's folders to hard-use survival knives.  His interviews with some of the best custom knifemakers on the scene today are not to be missed.


KnifeWebGuide.com -  The Knife Web Guide™ provides an extensive guide of links, resources and information to online knife, sword and cutlery-related Web sites organized by category and search. Look inside for links to knife manufacturers, custom knife makers, swords, magazines, knife collecting, knife making supplies, related sites and more.


Kramerknives.com  -  Bob Kramer's custom made kitchen knives are as beautiful as they are functional.  One of only 120 Master Bladesmiths in the United States, Bob is a true craftsman and artisan whose knives are coveted by discerning chefs the world over.  Bob was proud to be honored as the 2015 winner of the American Craft Council Rare Craft Fellowship Award.


JSLeatherworks.com -  Jaime Medrano has been crafting leather at his home in Laredo, Texas since the 1990's. There is no shop, only a kitchen table and a 1950's Singer 29/71, boot patcher sewing machine with a hand crank. The materials used and the custom sheaths that result are all proudly made in Texas, USA. Jaime Medrano, an 11th generation Texan, wouldn't have it any other way.


RMB Custom Leather - Rob Bennett's been crafting custom leather goods for a long time. Check out his site for handmade sheaths, holsters and other useful goods. 


Vess Leatherworks - Vess Leatherworks, located in Toronto, Canada crafts custom knife sheaths made from vegetable tanned leather. Hand made and hand stitched, they're availbale in a good range of designs and colors. Check him out.  


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