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Ever since its foundation in 1907, MOKI KNIFE has been producing quality knives with original design and high precision. Backed by a proud history of 100 years, every one of their handmade knives is made for unmatched "sharpness and durability."

This simple statement of fact pretty much says it all. Moki Knife Company was founded by Moki Sakurai, a much revered knifemaker in Seki City, Japan in the early years of the twentieth century. His grandsons continued the tradition of excellence that he established so long ago by producing beautiful, high-quality knives that proudly carry the Moki Knife Company name. In addition to the hand-made knives that carry the Moki name, they also produce knives for other major players in the knife industry such as Spyderco and Al Mar. A Moki Knife is designed to impress and is built to last.

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