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  • What Kind of Knives Do You Sell?

    The primary focus of DSK Hub is Damascus steel knives. I carry fixed blades of all types e.g., Bowies, Hunters, Skinners, Tantos, etc. I carry several types of folding knives such as butterfly, assisted opening, slipjoints, etc.  I also carry non-Damascus knives on DSK Plus that have caught my eye. Because of their exceptional style, fit and finish they've secured a place on my store shelves. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

  • What Brands Do You Carry?

    I carry most of the major brands that have a Damascus line. Here is the growing list: Bear Ops, Bear & Sons, Boker, Boker PLUS, Hen & Rooster, Kanetsune, Kershaw, Kizer, Lion Steel, Magnum by Boker, McCusta, Moki, Silver Stag and Spyderco. I also carry hand made Damascus steel knives from Wazirabad. Pakistan.

  • Are The Knives On Your Site Quality Made?

    I believe the knives I carry are of the highest quality. The branded knives I carry are well-respected in the industry and have a reputation for reliability. The knives made in Pakistan, either fixed blade or folders, are handmade by experienced craftsmen and are an excellent value for the money.

  • Why Do You Carry Knives Made in Pakistan?

    In my opinion, experienced craftsmanship is not exclusive to Western nation bladesmiths. Pakistan has a long, long history of quality knifemaking. Wazirabad, the hub of the cutlery industry in Pakistan, has been recognized worldwide for it's products since the 17th century. I can offer quality hand-made Damascus steel knives in my store that are made in Pakistan for a fraction of the cost of a hand-made knife from the USA or other Western countries.

  • What Kiind of Warranty Do You Offer On The Knives You Carry?

    All of my branded knives come with a manufacturer's warranty. The warranty duration and stipulations depend on the particular brand.  Be aware, most manufacturer warranties don't cover rust, breakage or failure due to misuse of the knife or poor maintenance. Using the knife for anything other than cutting voids the warranty. Using the knife as a screwdriver and breaking the tip voids the warranty. Using the knife as a prybar or a hammer and breaking the blade or the pommel voids the warranty. You get the picture. Be aware, Damascus blades are high carbon steel and require oiling to prevent rust. Failing to do this is considered poor maintenance. Be aware, stag handles should be periodically oiled to prevent cracking or drying out. Failing to do this is considered poor maintenance.

  • Do You Sell Anything Other Than Knives?

    Yes. I carry knife sheaths, pouches and display/storage cases. I carry knife sharpening stones, strops and machines. I offer blade and handle lubricating oils and other knife care accessories. I'm always on the lookout for new products of exceptional style, fit and finish.

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