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Silver Stag



Silver Stag started from humble beginnings and grew into one of the premier makers of outdoor field knives produced in the USA.  Founded in a garage in 1998 by a couple of "regular Joes" who liked grinding old files and saw blades down and making them into useful field knives, Silver Stag has stayed true to it's roots and continues the tradition of "free hand" finishing of it's cutting tools.


No two Silver Stag knives are exactly alike, yet each one has common characteristics with the other:

  • Practicality - designed by Sportsmen for Sportsmen.
  • Premium metals - the use of top grade, Made in USA High Carbon steel.
  • Natural materials - Genuine North American antler in every model.


Silver Stag Damascus steel is hand-forged in the USA from 1095 & 15N20 High Carbon tool steel and is beautifully patterned.  Silver Stag knives are proudly manufactured in Blaine, Washington in the American tradition of quality and value at a fair price.


NOTE: Silver Stag has adopted a Minimum Advertised Price policy.

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