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SZCO Supplies, Inc. is a manufacturer and importer of knives and swords for practical use as well as for display purposes and reenactment. They've been supplying products useful to sportsmen and hobbyists since 1984. Their sources range from USA, Germany and Japan to China, Taiwan, India and Pakistan.

Their Damascus knives are handsome as well as durable:

  • Blades have at least 266 layers after the forging process
  • Handles are genuine bone, horn, or stag antler. Some also feature walnut or rosewood handles. No resin is used to make the handles for any of the Damascus product line.
  • Bolsters, guards, and inlays are genuine brass, not brass plated steel.
  • Damascus knives are available with a variety of tangs (i.e. full or rat-tail tangs).
  • Two combinations of steel are used in the forging process of Damascus blades. Some blades will use a blending of 1084 high carbon steel and WS1 mild steel, while others use a combination of 1074 high carbon steel and 15N20 bright steel.
  • All Damascus blades are Rockwell tested between 55 to 58, or higher. This determines the durability of the blade and its ability to hold a fine edge.

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